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Growing Tomatoes in Raised Beds

Planting a vegetable garden can be a very rewarding activity, but it does take some careful planning and execution.  If you have decided to plant a garden, then one type that you may want to consider is planting a garden in a raised bed.  Many different vegetables will thrive in raised beds, and tomatoes will prove to be one of the hardiest plants to have in your garden.

Once you have made the decision to create a raised bed for your tomato plants, then the next step is to pick the location within your yard that will receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight, and which types of materials you plan to use to outline your raised bed.  There are several types of materials to choose from, including; wood, plastic, stone blocks, or bricks.  For some professional assistance, you could contact the best masonry contractors Nashville has to offer.

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Summer Gardening Tips

Summer is right around the corner with its warm weather and long, leisurely days.  Many people plan to work more outdoors, taking care of their lawns and planting in their gardens.  If you are a gardener with massive plans or if you just plan to tinker around a bit in your garden, we have some gardening tips for you that you may find interesting.  We have divided our tips up in to four major categories: preparation, planting, maintaining, and reaping the rewards. 


The first thing that is a very important step to producing a prosperous garden is to do a little preparation.  Whether you are thinking about a flower garden or a vegetable garden, you must first prepare the space that you plan to place your plants.  If you have a flower bed, some plant containers, or part of your entire yard that you plan to use for your garden, you must first clear out any old plants that are still present in the area, and you should prepare the dirt.  If there is an abundance of old, dried out, or insect ridden dirt, you should remove as much dirt as you can and replace it with nutrient-enriched dirt.  It is also important to check for proper drainage systems in the garden space that you are preparing.

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Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Are you as much of a fan of the fabulous taste of a good tomato as we are?  There are so many ways to enjoy a yummy tomato, such as: sliced tomatoes on a hamburger or sandwich, sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese and basil for an appetizer, or mixing fresh tomatoes in some of your favorite recipes, like spaghetti sauce or chili.  Homegrown tomatoes are the best and can be easy to grow with a minimal amount of effort.

There is a wide range of tomato varieties.  Decide which type or types you would like to grow, based on your culinary preferences.  Visit your local nursery to see which plants are healthy and will thrive in the environment you have to offer. 

Tomatoes are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes.  Small tomatoes, such as the “Sweet 100” or “Tiny Tim”, are wonderful choices for salads or just to pop in your mouth for a nice snack.  If you are more interested in tomatoes that are suitable for sandwiches, larger choices like the “Big Boy” or the “Beefeater” are your best bet.  Some of these plump types can weigh between 1-2 pounds.  The best varieties to use for canning or mixing in sauces is a medium sized tomato, such as the “Roma” or the “San Marzano”.

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